June 5-10, 2016, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
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Scope of the conference

The Program of Rare Earths 2016 will integrate a wide spectrum of topics and problems of rare earth sciences and technologies, and invites submission of unpublished papers in the following sessions.
  1. General
  2. Actinoids
  3. Batteries, Fuel Cell Systems, Ionic Conductors
  4. Catalysts
  5. Coordination Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Separation
  6. Earth Science, Resources
  7. Heavy Fermions, Metallurgy, Alloys and Intermetallics, Hydrogen Storage Materials, Permanent Magnet
  8. Luminescence
  9. Organometallic, Organic Synthesis
  10. Rare Earths in Bioscience
  11. Solid State, Magnetism

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