June 5-10, 2016, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
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Visa application

If you need to apply for a temporary non-immigrant visa to attend the Rare Earths 2016, please contact to Prof. Masui (masui@chem.tottori-u.ac.jp) with the following information.

  1. Visa applicant list
    • Your name (First and Family name)
    • Nationality (ex. Japanese etc.)
    • Date of birth (YYYY, MM, DD)
    • Sex (male or female)
    • Workunit (ex. ABC University etc.)
    • Position (ex. Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Research Associate, Senior Researcher, etc.)

  2. Schedule
    1. The detailed date of entering and leaving Japan and specific activities content of each day
      June 5, Arrival at Sapporo Airport by direct flight from ABC Airport
      June 5-10, Attending RE2016 at Hokkaido University, Sapporo
      June 11, Departure from Sapporo Airport to ABC Airport by direct flight
    2. Name of the hotel where you will stay
      ex.) Best Western Hotel Fino Sapporo

  3. Mailing address to send the VISA documents by EMS

  4. Phone number to write on the label for EMS

Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University,
2-1, Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan
Phone: +81-6-6879-7353, Fax: +81-6-6879-7354, E-mail: kidorui@chem.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp